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naomi nowak

꩜ volua ꩜ amethyst circle helix beaded necklace

꩜ volua ꩜ amethyst circle helix beaded necklace

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᠅ {{{ volua: from 'volute', a spiral found at the basis of an ionic column and 'volutidae', a marine shell species incorporated into and inspiring the collection }}} ᠅

silver circled helix with droplets. set with raw amethyst point. 

this is an original, one of a kind adornment that will never be replicated.

beads are glass, wood, thin, light amethyst, hazy and smooth quartz.
amethyst stillness, cloud quartz snowy innocence and new beginnings. wooden root to ground.

46 cm including silver clasp.

🝊 each volua silver charm is hand carved and unique - no moulds have been made and they cannot be cast again.
🝊 beads are 100% vintage and/or pre-loved. the strands cannot be recreated.
🝊 all metal, including clasps and vintage additions is 925 sterling silver.
🝊 natural materials only. may include: mineral, stone, crystal, glass, wood, seashell/mother of pearl, seeds, seed pods. 

⚠ fine jewellery to be handled with care. do not wear in water.

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