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naomi nowak

shining sea // luminescent silver cauldron on beaded string

shining sea // luminescent silver cauldron on beaded string

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a twig or two from the herb garden to simmer in brine on a week night or a potion of exotic ingredients, chanted over, prayed to, prepared under many moon tides. shared soup or solitary witch’s brew. the cauldron is the divine chalice. it holds the above and the world.

hand strung beaded necklace featuring hawthorne's cauldron, an exclusive jewel for (where it's also available on silver chain and in different finishes).

freshwater pearls, chevron amethyst, seashells and opaque glass.
pearls for purity, nurture, longevity, seashell for ocean sound, chevron amethyst for third eye and crown.

70 cm.

this is an original, one of a kind adornment that will never be replicated.

beads & pearls are 100% vintage and/or pre-loved.

⚠ fine jewellery to be handled with care. do not wear in water.

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