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naomi nowak

pearl wand III // one of a kind beaded necklace

pearl wand III // one of a kind beaded necklace

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structured strand contrasting luminous freshwater pearl ~ chocolate, mauve and crème shimmer varieties all included ~ with tumbled amethyst and rose quartz along vintage wooden beads. 

this is an original, one of a kind adornment that will never be replicated.

 sterling silver clasp. tiny metal parts holding beads/pearl are not silver. hand strung.

baroque freshwater pearls, amethyst, rose quartz, vintage wooden beads.

47 cm including silver clasp (but not including the 'wand' part)

🝊 this is a unique piece featuring vintage findings. it cannot be recreated.
🝊 beads and pearls are 100% vintage and/or pre-loved. the strands cannot be recreated.
🝊 clasp and surrounding parts is 925 sterling silver, metal parts holding the pearl are not sterling.
🝊 natural materials only. may include: mineral, stone, crystal, glass, wood, seashell/mother of pearl, seeds, seed pods. 

⚠ fine jewellery to be handled with care. do not wear in water.

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