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naomi nowak

mini d charm // 'minor rustic fertility god'

mini d charm // 'minor rustic fertility god'

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the god Priapus was revered in ancient Europe, and the likes of him around the world. you've probably seen representatives of this brotherhood of gods in museums, each very proud of his extraordinary feature. these days Priapus is largely forgotten, referred to as a 'minor' or 'rustic' (rural, pagan, of the people in this case) deity. in a jewellery collection that honours many lunar and feminine deities he (along with the warlock stargod, a very different aspect of the masculine) brings a welcome balance.

this pendant is powerful but discreet. depending on what you imbue it with it can protect from or attract attention. It can be playful between friends, sexy between lovers. It can be worn in male dominated environments to bring strength and levity or, ofcourse, as the age old fertility charm that inspired it. pray and intend for it to sow some seeds, be they physical or creative.

(some may think you are wearing a tiny baguette.)

hand sculpted and cast in silver or gold. option of adding corresponding chain.

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