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naomi nowak

꩜ volua ꩜ triple moon spiral with circle halo

꩜ volua ꩜ triple moon spiral with circle halo

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᠅ {{{ volua: from 'volute', a spiral found at the basis of an ionic column and 'volutidae', a marine shell species incorporated into and inspiring the collection }}} ᠅

a play on the triple moon symbol where the full moon is a spiral and a halo with droplets has been added. hand strung with beads contrasting moon and forest. 

this is an original, one of a kind piece.

beads are amethyst, seed pods, hand painted wood, glass.
wood for grounding, amethyst for clear sight.

46 cm including silver clasp.

🝊 each volua silver charm is hand sculpted, unique and cast only once - no molds have been made and they cannot be cast again.
🝊 beads are 100% vintage and/or pre-loved. the strands cannot be recreated.
🝊 all metal, including clasps and vintage additions is 925 sterling silver unless otherwise stated.
🝊 natural materials only. may include: mineral, stone, crystal, glass, wood, pearl, seashell/mother of pearl, seeds, seed pods. 

⚠ fine jewellery to be handled with care. do not wear in water.

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