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naomi nowak

leucrocotta // silver moon wolf pendant with citrine

leucrocotta // silver moon wolf pendant with citrine

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The Leucrocotta or Wolf of the Evening mimics human speech and lures you into the night whispering your name. Sometimes described as kynolykos, dog-wolf, the leucrocotta may also be the offspring of a lioness and a hyaena. Pliny describes it as a swift creature with a wide mouth, lion’s tail and cloven foot. It cannot be harmed by weapons and whatever it devours it instantly digests. Illuminated manuscripts and beastiaries feature various strange incarnations. For the inner moon-beast.

Silver pendant with natural citrine crystal at the mouth. Hung from a crescent moon shape with a flaming heart.

Hand sculpted and cast in silver. Silver chain included.

different finishes can be done upon request -- including high gloss untarnished or entirely blackened.

(Pliny the elder, Natural history book VIII - Photius, Myriobiblon - Jorge Luis Borges, Imaginary Beings).

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