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naomi nowak

14k gold heart cat // tiny cat head charm

14k gold heart cat // tiny cat head charm

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IN STOCK. this listing is for the yellow gold option. visit the silver or rose gold cat here.


heart cat cast in solid 14k gold. gold chain optional.

tiny & discreet cat head trinket. heart crown adorned forehead and five-pointed star on the back.

this charm hails the elegance, sculptural beauty, fierceness and silliness of the cat deity. that is to say, all cats. their soft paws, treading lightly on garden path and astral plane alike. their spirit, infused with slumber and book dust. and specifically the companion, familiar, forever friend.

while finishing up the sculpt for this kitty - i was cross eyed from the fine details - i took a break to have tea with an out of town friend.
conversation turned to cats we have lived with, walked along in life or briefly up a street, met or known in some way (owned? don’t think so).
we spoke of ‘heart cat’. his signifier is soul connection. the gaze that holds, the magic you weave together. if you know you know. that’s how this charm was named.

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