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naomi nowak

13 Moons // Artbook

13 Moons // Artbook

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Watch the 13 moons video here!

A letter size/A4 full colour 26 page book of my artworks ☽☽☽ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ 

13 Moons
is a collection of art created in meditation and moon prayer. It's been assembled to follow the farmer's almanac, the old way of befriending and appeasing Holda by giving each of her incarnations a name. It's presented as a large format luxury art zine, or if you like, a wheel-of-the-year forever calendar. Heavy on art, very light on words, suitable for speakers of any language.

The art is lovingly painted with much detail, inspired by its season and come to life with Wildthorne handmade watercolours (and a dab or two of gouache).

The paintings are complimented by pencil drawings -- twelve companion pieces, creating a full image spread for every month -- freely interpreting lunar energy and including the corresponding star sign.

Modern timekeeping bears no mathematical relationship to the cycles of the moon, a displacement that sometimes gives us thirteen full moons in a year. The thirteenth (calculated as the third full moon in a quarter year that has four, or as the second in a month with two) is called a Blue Moon, occurring next in 2023. That's the centre fold, one of my most ambitious paintings to date, depicting a witch's circle downloading wisdom from sister above. 

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