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naomi nowak

꩜ volua ꩜ comet star staff

꩜ volua ꩜ comet star staff

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᠅ {{{ volua: from 'volute', a spiral found at the basis of an ionic column and 'volutidae', a marine shell species incorporated into and inspiring the collection }}} ᠅

shooting star comet cradled by fire tail or budding branches (depending on interpretation or mood). 

hand sculpted and will never be cast again.

beads are smoky quartz, glass, ceramic, wood.
smoky quartz is grounding and belongs to the root chakra, offsetting the spark and outward creative motion of the star.

43 cm including silver clasp.

🝊 each volua silver charm is hand sculpted, unique and cast only once - no molds have been made and they cannot be cast again.
🝊 beads are 100% vintage and/or pre-loved. the strands cannot be recreated.
🝊 all metal, including clasps and vintage additions is 925 sterling silver unless otherwise stated.
🝊 natural materials only. may include: mineral, stone, crystal, glass, wood, pearl, seashell/mother of pearl, seeds, seed pods. 

⚠ fine jewellery to be handled with care. do not wear in water.

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