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naomi nowak

Rainy Oracles Pre-Order Backup Listing

Rainy Oracles Pre-Order Backup Listing

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✦ watch the rainy oracles video here

This listing exists as a backup for my Rainy Oracles kickstarter campaign & Rain and Tears pendant. It will stay up until the end of April.

Please note all orders are estimated to ship mid to late may.

✦ deck specifications ✦
36 cards, printed in full colour on matte card stock
55 x 75 mm ( 2 x 3 " )
Comes in a recycled tulle drawstring pouch, blue or dark blue.

✦ 'rain and tears' pendant specifications ✦
Option of sterling (925) silver or 18k yellow gold (yes i said 14k in the video, accident!)
Hand carved by me, cast in Sweden.
Chain made of corresponding metal is included. Look and length may vary as I use vintage chains (to avoid manufacture and be kind to the planet).

✦ card and jewel description ✦

Oracles are an opportunity to enter dreamtime, and cards as an aid in seeing and meditating have long been part of my personal practice. The arcane symbolism, fool’s journey and deep archetypes of Tarot play an important part but these things are a language. In order to process without words, to feel what’s underneath the constructs of thought and maybe connect with source I find oracles to be useful and beautiful tools. Softer decks are able to adapt to the questioner and do not deliver messages with the severity of Tarot. Both have their place.

(On a more down to earth note, cards are a wonderful and affordable way to collect art and this deck is fairly kid friendly. A tangible item to ground with and leaf through in the (doom)scrolling era.)

Rainy Oracles is my first humble deck and it's a mini one - 55 x 75 mm - with 36 hand painted cards. Drawn and painted on paper with zero AI involvement. The deck features curated images from past work as well as new art, exclusive to the deck. Themes, colours and vibe revolve loosely around water. Nurturing powers of flow and observation without reaction is crucial to being okay in our current wilderness and I believe water element can help and soothe.

I felt inspired to create a hand carved piece of jewellery as a companion piece to the cards. I hope it will resonate and maybe help this project get off the ground.

Its shape is that of the sweet rain, lakes and streams working medicine with salt sea and tears that got me through Saturn returning. Strength gained is imbued within the design. An eye, intermingling tear drops and rain drops enclosed in a tablet shape echoing the back of the cards.

I believe that's all but please feel free to get in touch if you have questions. I can be reached here, via email or social media.

Thankyou for reading and spending a little bit of your precious time with my words. (I have to add, just as the images are hand painted, the words are mine - mistakes and all - no AI).

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